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About Bumbershoot Theatre & Film Society

Promoting, Performing, Teaching, Mentoring, and Encouraging

Bumbershoot Theatre and Film Society in Kelowna BC is a volunteer-run organization with the goal of promoting, performing, teaching, mentoring and encouraging musical, theatrical, film and visual arts. Our aim is to stimulate and liberate the imagination, the intellect and the spirit through creative theatre experiences, and promote theatre as an integral part of the learning process. Founded in 2018, Bumbershoot Theatre and Film Society is the Phoenix rising to the change from Bumbershoot Children’s Theatre. We are looking to collaborate with other theatre and film companies to help expand opportunities in theatre and film.

Attention New Writers, New Producers and Youth

Our mission is to develop resources for theatre and film using industry professionals to mentor members and help advance creative skills. Our vision is to create a professional film and stage mentoring and performing organization. We are an open, friendly organization looking for people with similar interests and a passion for theatre and film. As a unique non-profit organization, we have incorporated film and video with our theatre productions. We engage the community by providing creative opportunities.


Our Mission

Bumbershoot Theatre and Film Society – providing theatre opportunities and mentoring for emerging artists both on and off stage. We are an active organization looking for creative volunteers. Join us!

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Bumbershoot Theatre and Film Society

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